Green energy producer and supplier

We are the owner of the Pantelimon windfarm, located in the Constanța County, Romania. Our windfarm counts 41 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 123 MW.

Since 2013, our company holds a producer license (No. 1294) and since 2018, it also holds a supplier one (No. 2112), both issued by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority, the ANRE.


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Environmental responsibility

By producing renewable energy, using the wind and supplying it, we contribute to improving the quality of life, day by day.

Renewable energy

Sustainability is a key value and it is also the main inspiration for our brand, Ewind S.R.L.

Offers for household and corporate clients

The electricity market is a competitive one, with  strong players. As a supplier, we are obliged to provide a retail offer too.

That is why our commercial offer is open to both domestic and corporate clients.

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